Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

Tears are produced to keep eyes protected and moisturized. Dry eyes could possibly be due to medications like birth control, antidepressants, antihistamines or blood pressure medication. Eye drops are a helpful remedy for dry eyes from contact lenses, allergies, infections, pinkeye, or after Lasik eye surgery. Eye drops can be used to delay or help prevent glaucoma, or to help moisturize dry and irritated eyes. There can be varied uses for eye drops, including anti-redness, tear-replacement, or lubrication.

Ear Cleaning

Earwax is healthy for your ears, but when too much wax is produced, this can lead to blockage of the ear. However, it is not usually overproduction of wax but rather improper ear care and cleansing. If you use cotton swabs or fingers to clean ear wax, this can end up compressing the wax deeper into the ear canal. Earwax blockage can temporarily affect your hearing. Similsan Ear Wax Relief is a product that helps with proper removal of earwax.