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5 Things You Get From Having Whiter Teeth

woman’s mouth smiling with whiter teeth
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In this day and age, there is no reason to be self-conscious about one’s smile. There are plenty of simple and painless orthodontic procedures to keep your teeth straight and gapless, and teeth whitening products are so widespread you can make your smile whiter at home. Most whitening products present absolutely no harm to your health; in fact, a whiter smile is shown to have plenty of benefits in the professional, medical, and social spheres. A person with gleaming teeth has access to these five things:

1. A Better Job

white smile in job interview while shaking hands In various studies, interviewees with white teeth were than applicants with duller teeth. Additionally, interviewees were more likely to see higher salaries after whitening their teeth. Job seekers dramatically improve their chances of getting hired when they have a healthy smile.

2. A Smoke-Free Life

hands breaking cigarette to quit smoking CanadianPharmacyMeds.comBecause tobacco stains smokers’ teeth a disturbingly bright yellow, purchasing and applying over-the-counter teeth whitening products may help smokers kick the habit. Whiter teeth is often one of a quitter’s many goals, so seeing the positive benefits of smoking right away with a drastically improved smile is a powerful step away from cigarettes.

3. A Boost of Youth

older woman with white smile In many ways, teeth whitening is the new miracle that a healthier smile takes years off appearance. Teeth lose brilliance as a person ages; stains accumulate and the bright white of youth becomes a dull gray or yellow. No matter how many wrinkles surround the eyes, a bright smile says youth and vigor.

4. A Healthier Mouth

woman flossing teeth for healthy smile It’s widely known that when a person cares about how his or her body looks, he or she is more likely to engage in healthy practices like exercise and nutritious eating. The same goes for teeth: If a person likes his or her teeth to look good, he or she probably practices good oral hygiene.

5. A More Active Love Life

couple talking over coffee with white smiles The struggle for romantic connection is real, but people with white teeth seem to struggle a bit less. found that after a teeth whitening procedure, participants received a significant increase in the amount of dates they received when compared to their prospects before the procedure.

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