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Capecitabine and/or Generic Equivalent Xeloda Prescription Information

Capecitabine is commonly used with or without other medications in order to safely and effectively treat cancer. This is a generic name for the drug Xeloda, manufactured by Genentech.

What Capecitabine is used for?

Patients who buy capecitabine do so for effective cancer treatment. Colon cancer patients whose cancer has spread to other areas find it to be very helpful. It is also used by colon cancer patients who have recently undergone surgery, in order to help prevent the cancer from coming back. There are also different types of breast cancer for which this drug is prescribed. This includes cancer that other drugs have not been effective for, as well as breast cancer that has started to spread.

How to take Capecitabine?

It is important to carefully follow your Doctor's instructions, especially regarding the dosage. You should never increase or decrease the amount of the drug without your doctor's advice. You may be directed to take one dosage strength or a combination of two. One pill is taken in the morning, thirty minutes after eating, and the other is taken in the evening, thirty minutes after eating. This drug is intended to be taken over a three week cycle, with a week in between cycles. You should expect your doctor to provide careful monitoring of your condition in case any change in dosage is required. Each patient's cancer varies somewhat and these variations are taken into consideration during treatment.

How Capecitabine works?

This drug is available in pill form, saving time for patients because they can take it at home. It is commonly indicated for cancer that has failed to respond to other drugs during the course of treatment. This drug fights the cancer quite effectively, helps to ensure a better survival rate and increases the patient's chances of living for a longer time after their treatment. Because certain cancers are fairly complex, the combination of this and other appropriate drugs often provides the safest, most reliable treatment.

Capecitabine aggressively fights cancer with or without other anti-cancer drugs. Regular usage as prescribed by a Doctor is believed to increase overall survival rate and decrease the chances of the cancer returning.

Capecitabine Side Effects

There are some side effects that it is important to be aware of. Usually, they are fairly mild, but your doctor should be made aware if there is any unusual severity. Some of these symptoms include difficulty in sleeping; swelling, with or without pain; headache; tiredness, vertigo; hair loss and nail problems; itchiness; loss of taste and dehydration. Dehydration is especially a risk for older patients. There are also some gastrointestinal symptoms that are common in older patients and those with certain health issues. These include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Let your doctor know about any gastrointestinal problems that last for more than a couple of days. Other, more serious side effects include mouth sores, swelling in the extremities and a fever. Your doctor should be informed if any of these symptoms occur, even if just for a short period of time.

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