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Colesevelam and/or Generic Equivalent Wechol Prescription Information

Colesevelam is the generic name for substances such as Plavix used for reducing Lipids. Lipids are forms of fat found in the body. Cholesterol is a lipid and when the concentration of cholesterol in the blood is too high it is a prime cause of the narrowing and hardening of the arteries that can eventually lead to a blood circulation problem and possibly Heart Attack and Stroke. The purpose of prescribing Colesevelam is to help reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the bloodstream. This is achieved by a rather complicated system, whereby the colesevelam binds itself to bile acids found in the digestive system, thus preventing these acids from following their normal course of reabsorption into the body. The liver then produces more bile acids from the cholesterol in the blood, reducing the amount of "bad" cholesterol.

Before you can buy Colesevelam online or from your local pharmacy, a Doctor will need to have full details of any medical conditions, allergies and any other medication being taken, whether it is prescribed or non-prescribed. This is necessary in order for the doctor to be able to prescribe the correct medication for the medical condition, bearing in mind the possibility of side effects. Other non-prescription medicines should not be taken without the doctor's knowledge and advice.

How to take Colesevelam?

The doctor will have advised the patient about the dosage, but the instruction leaflet will give further information, particularly regarding side effects. A typical dose could be six tablets daily taken either all at the same time or in two lots of three pills. The pills should be taken with water immediately after a meal. The habit of taking the doses at the same time every day will help to avoid missing a dose. If other medication is being taken, including the combined contraceptive pill, the doctor should advise on the timing of the doses of the different medications to ensure the effectiveness of both and to avoid the possibility of interaction. If a dose is missed it should be taken as soon as possible, but not immediately before the next dose. Two full doses should not be taken together.

Medication for the reduction of cholesterol is usually taken over a protracted period of time, so the patient should not stop taking it unless the doctor advises otherwise or decides to change the medication. The regular blood tests will help the doctor to ensure that the desired progress is being made.

Provided all the necessary precautions and advices have been taken, the patient should be able to buy colesevelam with confidence in its ability to treat the condition efficiently.

Colesevelam Side effects

Colesevelam has several potential side effects, the most common being nausea, indigestion, headache and constipation. Many side effects disappear as the body adjusts to the medication, but a doctor should be consulted if they persist or become worse. The most common side effects can usually be alleviated by simple changes in diet that the doctor is able to recommend. The doctor should also be advised of pregnancy or breastfeeding. During the period that the medication is being taken, regular blood tests should be arranged by the doctor to ensure that the treatment is effective.

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