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Conjugated Estrogen and/or Generic Equivalent Premarin Cream Prescription Information

Conjugated Estrogen prescriptions or medication is a replacement drug made up of a combination of Estrogen Hormones. Estrogen is normally produced in the ovaries, and used for a variety of processes in the body. Conjugated Estrogen Prescriptions responds to the lack of natural estrogen production during Menopause and Post-Menopause, which leads to symptoms such as hot flashes, burning, irritation, dryness and pain during sexual intercourse.

Conjugated Estrogens Side Effects

Take this conjugated estrogen medication with meals (or following meals) to minimize upset stomach. Side effects of conjugated estrogens can include upset stomach, nausea, weight changes, bloating, or breast tenderness. Contact your doctor if the side effects persist.

Additional Information on Conjugated Estrogens

Conjugated estrogens are not meant for long-term use, and are typically prescribed for a limited time period. Depending on individual condition and need, estrogen medication can be prescribed for daily use or for taking twice weekly.

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