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Cyclosporine Opthalmic and/or Generic Equivalent Restasis Prescription Information

Cyclosporine Ophthalmic is a type of prescription Eye drop used to help stimulate tear production in Dry Eyes and is very well known for its overall effectiveness. The Cyclosporine class of Eye Drops is very well-known for its overall effectiveness. The active ingredient, cyclosporine is what is often known as an Immunomodulator. This is an immunotherapy medication that helps to reduce certain responses from the immune system that contribute to swelling.

What Cyclosporine Opthalmic is used for?

Patients who are most likely to buy Cyclosporine Ophthalmic have been diagnosed with Dry Eye. This condition results in the eyes not producing enough tears. In most cases, decreased tear production is due to swelling in the eyes that this medication effectively treats. Healthy tear production is essential to eye health, as tears help to flush irritants and foreign objects from the eyes. Without a healthy amount of tear production, your eyes are subject to all different types of irritations and infections that could result in vision loss.

How to take Cyclosporine Opthalmic?

Most patients are directed to use the drops twice a day. Your doctor will tell you how many drops you need to use and you should not deviate from these instructions. Each of the vials of eye drops is designed for a single use, so ensure that you use them immediately after opening. Make sure that your head is fully tilted back when applying the drops so that they go in properly. If you should forget your regular dose, take it at the next scheduled time, rather than doubling the dose.

If you wear contact lenses, they should be taken out before using the eye drops. The lenses can be reinserted 15 minutes after the drops have been used. Some patients who use this medication also use artificial tear medications. These should only be used 15 minutes before, or 15 minutes after the eye drops. Never use two different types of eye drops at the same time. This helps to eliminate the possibility of getting an irritation or having an interaction.

How does Cyclosporine Opthalmic work?

This medication works by reducing swelling in the eyes that interferes with the tear ducts. When the eyes are swollen, it is hard to produce the proper amount of tears. It is applied in the form of eye drops for faster relief and produces an immune system response that lessens the swelling. Because there is less pressure on the tear ducts, the eyes start to produce the amount of tears that they are supposed to.

Cyclosporine Opthalmic Side Effects

Itching, burning and other eye pain are some of the side effects that are commonly reported, along with redness. Additional side effects include the feeling of having an object in the eye, blurry vision, discharge and excess tears. If these symptoms last for any length of time, or seem severe, contact your eye doctor right away. If you are allergic to any form of Cyclosporine, do not take this medication. Ask your doctor about a safer alternative if you have any type of allergy.

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