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Estradiol and/or Brand Equivalent Vagifem Prescription Information

Estradiol is a type of Estrogen, which is the Female Sex Hormone made in the Ovaries. Estrogen is vital for many body processes, and when the body produces less estrogen, it causes reactions. Estradiol helps to treat Menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and dryness or irritation in the Vagina. It continues to be helpful for postmenopausal women as it can help fight Osteoporosis. Of course, Estradiol can be used for any condition besides Menopause that results in a decrease of Natural Estrogen, such as Ovarian failure or Cancer (in the case of the latter, it can be used for men as well).

Precautions about Estradiol

Estradiol should not be used if you are pregnant. Also avoid using this medication if you have liver disease, breast cancer, or have recently had a stroke or heart attack.

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