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Linezolid Prescriptions

Linezolid is one of the leading antibiotics commonly used to treat a number of different bacterial infections.

What Linezolid is used for?

Patients who need to buy linezolid will have been diagnosed with different types of infections. These include bacterial infections that tend to be resistant to other types of antibiotics. Some of the types of infections that it effectively treats include pneumonia, skin infections and certain types of eye infections that affect the whole eye cavity. It has also commonly been used to treat infections that affect the heart. Since all of these are very serious infections that carry the risk of tissue loss, amputation or death, a strong antibiotic is essential.

How to take Linezolid?

Patients might be given an oral or IV dosage alone, or sometimes a combination of the two. When it is administered in both forms, the IV infusion is generally given in the hospital and the oral medication is taken for the remaining time.

When taking the oral medication, pay careful attention to the dosage instructions provided by your doctor. It always helps if you remember to take your dosage at the same time daily. Use a measuring spoon specifically designed for medications to ensure that you always take an accurate dose.

Linezolid Dosage

This drug is a strong antibiotic that is administered orally, usually in the form of a liquid, or intravenously. Because of the way it is administered, it acts much more quickly than many other antibiotics do. As with many other antibiotics, it works by blocking bacterial growth by attacking the protein production found in the bacteria. One of the reasons why this particular antibiotic is so popular for stubborn infections is because there is not a strong bacterial resistance to it yet. This has helped to broaden the number of infections that it can treat.

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Linezolid Side effects

The drug does have some side effects that patients should be aware of before use. One of the most important things to remember is to discuss any and all medications currently taken with your doctor. You might need to stop some medications during the course of taking the antibiotics.

Nausea, diarrhea and headaches are some of the most common, less severe symptoms. There are also a few side effects commonly associated with usage over a longer term. These include low blood platelets and a low bone marrow count. Other serious side effects that might be experienced include lactic acidosis, damage to the optic nerve and possibly irreversible peripheral neuropathy.

Linezolid Ingredients

The linezolid antibiotic is an oxazolidinone. Because it is part of this particular class of drug, it works effectively against bacteria that are resistant against methicillin and vancomycin. Patients who have had certain types of staph or MRSA infections have greatly benefited from it.