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Tolterodine LA Prescriptions

Tolterodine LA is a prescription drug that is designed to treat the symptoms of overactive bladder (OAB) over a 24-hour period.

What Tolterodine LA is used for?

Some people have to live with bladder muscle contractions that cause a frequent need to go to the lavatory, along with leakage. The best way to control the symptoms is to stop the contractions. When patients who have OAB buy tolterodine LA, they can have the confidence that these contractions will stop and the frustrating symptoms will subside.

This drug will probably help you if you regularly experience overactive bladder symptoms. You might have issues with leakage happening during certain activities, or have a very sudden urge to urinate. Many patients with OAB urinate more often than they need to in 24 hours, which also leads to a loss of sleep in many cases. Millions of men and women suffer from these symptoms. Taking this drug helps anyone with OAB to resume a normal life.

How does Tolterodine LA work?

This drug allows patients to experience relief over a longer period of time. By not having to take multiple doses throughout the day, you will have better control over your symptoms. This is especially helpful for people who are frequently awakened at night due to overactive bladder urges. This drug helps to calm the contracting muscles that cause bladder leakage and the frequent urge to go that can be so problematic. Regular use will generally eliminate leakage issues, as well as the feeling that your bladder is full when you do not need to go. Proper control of the bladder muscles through medication and other means usually makes life much easier for OAB patients.

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How to take Tolterodine LA

It is very important to use this drug as directed, for the best results. You should always take the specific dosage recommended by your doctor. Adjusting the dose on your own might result in an unsatisfactory effect. Try to take your pill at the same time each day to ensure that you do not forget to take it. You may opt to take it with or without food. For most people, the dosage is a single daily pill. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure of anything when taking this medication.

Tolterodine LA Side Effects

Be sure to contact your doctor whenever you have any symptoms that you do not expect when you are taking this drug. It might cause dizziness, blurred vision or tiredness, so you should be careful about driving. If you experience dry mouth, start drinking more water. Headaches are also fairly common among some patients. You might also have a stomach ache when you first start taking this drug. Most side effects do start to diminish after a period of time.

Tolterodine LA Ingredients

Tolterodine tartrate extended release is the active ingredient in this medication, which is one of the most effective drugs for stopping sudden bladder urges and urinary leakage. Its relaxing effect on the bladder muscles helps patients to retain more control over their condition.