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Zuclopenthixol Dihydrochloride Prescriptions(Generic Clopixol)

Zuclopenthixol Dihydrochloride is a product designed to help individuals who are suffering from conditions such as psychosis and schizophrenia. The drug is used to control the behaviour of a chemical in the brain which affects the way the person feels, thinks and behaves. It is usual for a patient to begin the medication on a fairly small dosage and for this to be increased gradually over time until the optimum levels are reached.

The precise directions for taking this medication are determined by a doctor and should always be followed. Not everyone who has been diagnosed with one of these conditions will be able to use this medication and for this reason the prescribing doctor must be in possession of all the information on the patient’s medical history before they are given a

Individuals who have a known allergy to any of the ingredients in the medication should make their doctor aware of the fact and patients who are elderly or frail should not be given the drug. Conditions that should be taken into consideration before a patient is able to order Zuclopenthixol Dihydrochloride include mental illness, slow heartbeat, breathing problems and convulsive disorders. Sufferers of diabetes, dementia and epilepsy will also find they will not be prescribed this medication. In addition, anyone who has suffered a stroke, kidney disease, liver disease, heart problems or metabolism issues may be advised that it is not suitable for them.

It is normal for some patients to find that, over time, the medication loses its effectiveness. If this seems to be the case a doctor should be consulted immediately in order that an alternative can be found.

There are a number of lifestyle factors to take into consideration by anyone who intends to purchase Zuclopenthixol Dihydrochloride. For example, alcohol should be avoided and it may also be a good idea to stop driving until the patient is aware to what extent they are going to be affected; this also applies to operating machinery. Women who are planning a family or who are already pregnant should be sure that the doctor is aware of this.

Some other forms of medication may cause Zuclopenthixol Dihydrochloride to be ineffective, so any products that are being taken at the same time should be reported to the doctor. This includes prescription, over the counter and herbal remedies. There are a number of drugs that are known to react with this product and the doctor should check combinations for potential interaction.

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Zuclopenthixol Dihydrochloride

It is possible for patients to experience side effects when taking this product and any symptoms that give cause for concern should be reported to a doctor without delay. Allergic reactions are quite rare, but symptoms typically include problems with breathing, swelling in the mouth, throat or face and hives. Some side effects may be managed, but others could require a change in medication.

The product should always be stored in the original packaging until needed and protected from moisture, strong light and heat. It is also important to keep it in the original packaging.