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Claritin and/or Generic Equivalent Loratidine Prescription Information

Claritin (Loratadine) is used for the temporary relief of Allergy or Hay Fever symptoms including Sneezing, Runny Nose, Itching, Watery Eyes, and Irritation to the Nose, Eyes, or Throat. It can also be used to treat Itching and Redness due to Hives. It does not prevent hives or similar allergic skin reactions. Claritin is an Antihistamine that works by blocking and suppressing the action of Histamine, the substance in the body, which caused Allergic symptoms.

Claritin Side Effects

Tell your Doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms and they become severe or do not go away: Headache, Dry Mouth, Nosebleed, Sore Throat, Mouth Sores, Insomnia, Nervousness, Weakness, Stomach Pain, Diarrhea, and Itchy Eyes.

Stop taking Claritin right away and call your doctor if you experience Irregular Heartbeat, Jaundice, Seizures, Rash, Hives, Itching, Swelling, Hoarseness, difficulty Breathing or Swallowing, and Wheezing.

If you are taking Claritin to treat hives and develop symptoms of trouble swallowing, speaking, or breathing, swelling of the mouth or tongue, wheezing, drooling, dizziness or loss of consciousness, seek emergency medical help immediately. These could be symptoms of an allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis that may be life threatening.

How to Take Claritin

Claritin taken orally, usually taken once a day with or without food. Take it exactly as directed and do not take more or less than instructed.

Do not take extra medication to make up for any missed doses. Take the missed does as soon as you remember or skip it if it's almost time for your next one.

Keep this medication tightly sealed, out of the reach of children, and store it at room temperature away from excess heat and moisture away from light.

Precautions for Claritin

Tell your doctor about any allergies and other medications you are taking, especially any taken to treat colds and allergies, and any history of asthma, liver or kidney disease.

Claritin may interact with erythromycin, cimetidine, and ketoconazole by increasing the blood concentration of the drug by inhibiting its elimination.

Do not give Claritin to a child younger than 6 without consulting your doctor.

Stop taking Claritin and tell your doctor if your hives do not improve within the first 3 days of treatment or if they last longer than 6 weeks. Do not take Claritin to treat hives that are bruised, blistered, or are unusual color.

Tell your doctor if you become or plan to become pregnant or start breastfeeding.

Additional Information about Claritin

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