Nexium users: at the forefront of medical research

Those who require prescriptions of Nexium and other acid reflux medications are well aware of the discomforts and symptoms associated with heartburn.

Those who require prescriptions of Nexium and other acid reflux medications are well aware of the discomfort and symptoms associated with heartburn. That being said, there's a good chance that these individuals are greatly in favor of improving how the condition is treated. In some cases, patients even require gastrointestinal procedures to treat their GERD.

Digestive Disease Week 2013
In 2013, professionals from New York Presbyterian Hospital and Weill-Cornell Medical College presented a study at the annual Digestive Disease Week that indicated that both costs and risks associated with GERD management could be decreased. Based on their investigation, researchers found that one-third of the individuals who undergo GI procedures do not experience chronic symptoms - meaning that they are not ideal candidates for the treatment option. So, in a simple change of diagnostic guidelines, more than $7,300 per patient could be saved over a 10-year period. This could all be done with a pH monitor test, which aims toward proper diagnosis of GERD.

"Many patients remain on proton-pump inhibitors for years after the trial period without any confirmation that they are being treated for the right diagnosis," Dr. David Kleiman, one of the researchers, explained in a statement.

In fact, during the research, the investigators found that 32 percent of those who were taking PPIs were no longer experiencing GERD symptoms. In many cases, these patients would have then undergone GI surgery, which would likely be unnecessary in most cases.

Next year's Digestive Disease Week is scheduled to take place May 3 through 6, with exhibits available May 4 through 6. The annual event is being held at McCormick Place in Chicago. This is a professional medical meeting for industry experts who want to learn more about digestive issues such as acid reflux - along with a number of other conditions. There will be a number of presentations based around ongoing research and abstracts. The event offers a great opportunity for those within the health care industry to learn more about how they can help patients who are suffering from a variety of conditions.

Those who are experiencing severe bouts of heartburn should talk to their doctors about the best treatment plans available. In many cases, patients can find relief from medications such as Nexium, which can easily be purchased from an online pharmacy. However, some cases call for further medical intervention, like GI procedures.