Study looks into why schizophrenics lack motivation

For the estimated 1 percent of Americans who live with schizophrenia, it's difficult to assess how different symptoms will affect each person.

For the estimated of Americans who live with schizophrenia, it's difficult to assess how different symptoms will affect each person. While taking prescription medications such as Geodon is a sufficient way to manage the condition, it's still possible that feelings of hopeless and social withdrawal may be experienced at times. One study has looked into why a lack of motivation is another common trait associated with schizophrenia.

Researchers from San Francisco State University analyzed individuals with schizophrenia to see whether their could be related to having an inefficiency in appropriately assessing effort. Specifically, the colleagues hoped to find out if schizophrenics possess an inefficiency to appropriately apply themselves with the work ethics necessary to complete various tasks.

The researchers gathered information from 47 people with schizophrenia and 41 without, subjecting them to a series of cognitive assessments and random phone calls. The participants were called an average of four times per day, all without notification and asked about their current mood, what they were doing and their goals for the rest of the week. Both groups were then assessed by their answers regarding how much pleasure they were getting out of their daily activities, as well as how much effort they were putting into meeting their expectations.

After analyzing the results from both groups, it became evident that while those with schizophrenia engage in just as many pleasurable goals that have little to no impact on their lives, such as watching television or eating food, as people without the condition. However, schizophrenics were also found to experience higher difficulty in engaging in complex undertakings or completing objectives that required more effort.

Dr. David Gard, a professor at SF State and researcher with the study, attributed the lack of motivation schizophrenics experienced with their inability to grasp that higher rewards as associated with higher effort, and that helping people with this condition reach their full potential by opening them up to newer possibilities they can strive to obtain.

"This is one of the first studies to carefully and systematically look at the - what those people are doing, what goals are they setting for themselves," Gard said in a statement. "When the reward is high and the effort is high, that's when people with schizophrenia struggle to hold in mind and go after the thing that they want for themselves. We can help them to identify things that are pleasurable and reward them toward larger goals."

Coping with schizophrenia
If you're struggling with managing symptoms of schizophrenia, it's important to remember that there are always a variety of ways to find the coping and support you need to fight through this mental condition. One of the most overlooked ways to better understand the characteristics associated with schizophrenia is through educating yourself about the illness. Researching on your own and asking your physician questions regarding symptom management may be a beneficial means to help you identify certain triggers and environments that spawn lethargic attitudes.

Joining a support group is also another great way to better comprehend schizophrenia and learn about different people's perspectives who are also battling with the condition. Sometimes confiding with your friends and family can be difficult because they don't truly understand the things that you're going through. Building connections and relationships with people dealing with schizophrenia can make you see that you're not alone when it comes to fighting this disease.

Of course, prescription medications such as Geodon are a crucial element to managing symptoms of schizophrenia. Whenever you need to buy Geodon, you can always try using a Canadian online pharmacy to refill your order.