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Fluticasone Inhaler is a preventative inhaler, which can be used as a long-term treatment, to prevent asthma attacks. Patients can buy generic Fluticasone Inhaler or they can purchase brands such as Flovent. Fluticasone Inhalers are usually prescribed in conjunction with a rescue inhaler, which the patient uses to relieve the symptoms of an acute asthma attack.

How it works

Fluticasone Inhaler contains an inhaled corticosteroid. Asthma attacks are caused when the airways become inflamed and swollen, making it difficult for air to move in and out of the lungs. When the airways are faced with an asthma trigger, they react strongly, the muscles in the airways tighten, the ce lls in the airways produce more mucus and the airways become more inflamed, resulting in an acute asthma attack. Fluticasone works by reducing inflammation of the lungs, which in turn reduces the likelihood of an acute asthma attack occurring. The inhaler must be used regularly to be effective and it takes around one to two weeks before it its full benefits are experienced. It cannot be used to treat the symptoms of a particular asthma attack, because it does not act quickly enough.

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Dosage/Directions for use

Patients should use a Fluticasone Inhaler in accordance with the directions given by their physician. The dosage will depend on the patient's individual needs and condition; however, it is usual to take one dose twice daily. After using a Fluticasone Inhaler, patients should rinse their mouth out with water in order to reduce the risk of thrush.

Side Effects of Fluticasone Inhalers

Most patients do not experience many side effects when using a Fluticasone Inhaler. However, in some cases they may experience a sore throat, headaches, upper respiratory tract infection, sinus infections, irritation of the throat, thrush, fever, voice changes, nausea and vomiting. In very rare cases patients may experience more severe side effects, in which case they should seek medical advice immediately. Serious side effects may include depression, anxiety, worsening of as thma symptoms, high blood sugar, an allergic reaction and frequent or severe infections. Although it is unlikely, it is possible that taking a steroid such as Fluticasone could suppress the immune system. This can lead to more frequent infections, some of which, such as measles or chickenpox, could be more dangerous. Another unlikely, but possible, side effect is slowed growth in children and adolescents.


Anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding or who suffers from eczema, cataracts, glaucoma, tuberculosis, herpes or allergies, should seek advice from their physician before they buy Fluticasone Inhaler. In addition, those who have not had chickenpox or measles should inform their physician before they use the inhaler.

Additional information

Patients can buy International & Canadian Fluticasone Inhaler in two varieties, HFA or diskus. The HFA inhaler contains an environmentally fr iendly substance, which propels the Fluticasone into the mouth. The diskus inhaler contains a dry powder. The inhaler should be stored at room temperature, away from sources of heat, light and moisture. If the container gets very hot it could explode. The inhaler should not be pierced or allowed to get wet.

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