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Levonorgestrel Prescriptions

Levonorgestrel is the generic term for a group of hormones used in birth control. The product can be taken in different ways: as a ‘morning-after’ pill, as a regular birth control pill, or in conjunction with an intrauterine device. Hormonal contraceptive pills are generally made up of estrogen and progestin or progestin on its own. Less commonly, the hormones can be administered by means of a skin patch or by regular injections of a longer-term form of progestin. These hormones are effective in preventing pregnancy through a combination of stopping ovulation, changing the uterus lining (reducing its ability to support a fertilized ovum), and thickening the cervical mucus to make it more difficult for the sperm to travel within the cervix.

Much has been written about contraceptive pills. Doctors are aware of the side effects, dangers and results, and have access to information regarding all types of pill. Medical advice should be sought from a prescribing doctor regarding the benefits or disadvantages of any particular type of contraceptive pill in relation to the medical condition of an individual patient. It is therefore essential that the prescribing doctor should be made aware of the patient’s medical history, as well as all information regarding allergies and currently prescribed or non-prescribed medication. It would also be helpful for the doctor to be given some information about the patient’s lifestyle. Having fulfilled these requirements, the patient should not hesitate to buy levonorgestrel.

Precautions about Levonorgestrel

Levonorgestrel is perhaps best known as the ‘morning-after’ pill. In order to prevent pregnancy it should be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex, or if failure of a contraceptive device is suspected. It is not an abortion pill and will have no effect on someone who is already pregnant. There are potential side effects and, as previously stated, a doctor or pharmacist should be made aware of any medical conditions, allergies or current medication before the product is purchased.

When levonorgestrel is prescribed as a regular contraceptive pill, the doctor should also be advised of existing medical conditions, allergies and current treatments as there could be different side effects, and it is for the doctor to decide whether this product is suitable for the individual.

Care should be taken when consuming alcohol, but there is no evidence of it having an effect on levonorgestrel. Women who know they are pregnant should not take the product, despite the fact that it is not known as an abortion pill. Breastfeeding is not affected by it.

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Levonorgestrel Side effects

There is a list of medicines and drugs that could interact with levonorgestrel tablets. The doctor is aware of this and will take it into account when prescribing. It is always possible that other side effects will be noticed after a period of time, in which case a doctor may prescribe a different product more suitable for the patient. The same interactions and cautions apply when levonorgestrel is taken in conjunction with an intrauterine device. However, it should be considered safe and beneficial to buy levonorgestrel after careful consultation with the prescribing doctor.