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Shingles can be a painful and debilitating condition to suffer from. Caused by the same strain of virus that causes chickenpox, shingles is essentially the name given to the infection of a nerve and the nearby skin that surrounds it. Typically, it usually affects a specific area on either the left or the right hand side of the body and takes the form of a rash which progresses into blisters. Usually, anyone about to suffer from shingles will feel unwell for around a week before the rash appears. To find out more about whether to buy Canadian Lidoderm Patch, the following information will be useful.

What is Lidoderm?

Lidoderm is a popular medication specifically designed to help treat soreness, irritation, itchiness and other common symptoms of skin damage. It is also used by some patients to help treat anal problems such as hemorrhoids or fissures. Essentially, Lidoderm is an anesthetic that numbs the area to which it is applied.

Typically, Lidoderm will be prescribed by a doctor, with the doses varying according to the history of the patient, and any allergies that they may have. As a general rule, however, the initial treatment will consist of the skin being treated two or three times a day, with the medication then being either increased or reduced depending on the patient's initial reaction during the first week or so.

Lidoderm Patch Use

Before the medication is applied, it is important that the area to be treated is clean and dry, and that the person who is applying it washes their hands before use. Lidoderm is generally used either in the form of a conventional ointment, or as a sticky patch. Either can be effective, although some patients may find the patch causes a reaction whereas the ointment does not.

It is important to ensure that the medication be kept away from contact with the eyes, nose or mouth. Should accidental contact occur in those areas, they should be rinsed thoroughly with water and then, in the case of the eye, protected until normal feeling has returned. If Lidoderm is being used to treat the area around the anus, then it should only be used around the external area.

Patches should never be re-used, even though there may be some remaining medication left in them. When thrown away, they should be folded inwards and then disposed of away from both children and pets.

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Lidoderm Patch Side Effects

Side effects when using Lidoderm are typically in keeping with those found in other anesthetics. When it is applied to an infected area, redness and swelling can occur. Normally this will only last for a couple of hours, but if it persists for longer than that a doctor should be notified so that the dosage can be looked at and reduced if necessary. Some other skin effects that can occur, but are fortunately uncommon, include changes in color, stretch marks, thinning of the skin on the infected area, as well as tenderness or soreness. Again, a doctor should be consulted if this occurs.

Finally, although it is rare, some patients can suffer from an allergic reaction to the drug. This typically presents itself in the form of symptoms such as a severe rash, itching or swelling in the facial area, dizziness and trouble in breathing. If any of these symptoms begin to occur, a doctor should be notified straight away.