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Pancrelipase Prescriptions

Pancrelipase is a medication taken along with a proton pump inhibitor to treat people who have difficulty digesting food. Pancrelipase is made up of 3 enzymes usually produced in the pancreas: amylase, lipase, and protease. It is taken as a substitute when there is a lack of natural pancreatic enzyme production, which could be the result of conditions like chronic pancreas inflammation, cystic fibrosis, or obstruction of the pancreatic ducts. The enzymes in Pancrelipase are vital for digestion, particularly fats, starches, and proteins.

Pancrelipase Side Effects

Pancrelipase’s side effects can include headaches, blurred vision, nausea, constipation or dry mouth. They should pass once your body gets used to the medication, but contact your doctor if side effects do not go away, or worsen.

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How to take Pancrelipase?

This medication is usually taken with meals, and your doctor should prescribe this along with a proton pump inhibitor medication, which will help minimize stomach acid. The proton pump inhibitor keeps Pancrelipase from breaking down in your stomach so that it can properly aid digestion. Your Pancrelipase dosage will be prescribed according to your diet, weight, response to medication, and individual medical condition.