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ProAir HFA and/or Generic Equivalent Albuterol Prescription Information

A medical condition that is the source of a great deal of discomfort for a huge number of people across the world is asthma, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is a condition that severely affects the lifestyle of the affected individual. ProAir HFA is a medication that has been formulated with the intention of providing Asthma patients with a bit of freedom in their day-to-day lives by allowing them to continue with activities which would usually prove to be a challenge.

The product is made by IVAX LABS and is marketed by Teva Respiratory LLC. Both companies have been associated with the manufacturing and marketing of similar medicines throughout their existence. Consult your Doctor before you buy ProAir HFA online or from a Local Pharmacy.

What ProAir HFA is used for?

The principal drug that goes into the manufacturing of ProAir HFA is Albuterol, a substance that has forever been considered helpful when it comes to tackling the breathing problems that might arise due to conditions such as Asthma. The drug facilitates the relaxation of air channels in the lungs as well as the intercostal muscles, making it easier for someone to recover from an asthma attack. A bout of breathing difficulty is often encountered by asthma patients when they are engaged in some sort of physical activity such as jogging, running or working out, and it is for such situations that ProAir helps an individual to recover and get their breath back. However, patients should be aware that this medication should only be used after consultation with a qualified physician.

How to take ProAir HFA?

ProAir HFA is a medicine that needs to be sprayed and then inhaled orally by the patient in order to have the desired effect. The instructions for using this medicine are pretty clear cut; before inhaling for the first time, the container needs to be shaken well and a test spray carried out to make sure that the nozzle is working properly. The medication should be administered a short while before embarking on any physical exercise. For instance, anyone going to the gymnasium should take one dose half an hour before starting a workout so that there are no breathing troubles for as long as the person is active. Something else a patient needs to always be aware of is the fact that ProAir HFA is not a medication that should be used for emergency purposes when a breathing problem commences; an individual must always be in possession of his or her inhaler as an emergency measure. In addition to asthma, the medication can also be used as a measure against other breathing disorders such as bronchospasm.

ProAir HFA Side Effects

The medicine is known to be quite harmless as far as side effects are concerned, but some patients can encounter a touch of anxiety, headache, cough or a general feeling of giddiness. It is always wise to have a word with the doctor if anything of this sort is experienced after consuming the medicine.

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