Are low testosterone levels linked to cardiovascular disease?

Men who are taking Lovenox to reduce their odds of heart problems might want to get their testosterone levels checked.

Men who are taking Lovenox to reduce their odds of heart problems might want to get their testosterone levels checked. Inadequate levels of the hormone can lead to a variety of mental and physical ailments, such as weight loss, low libido and mood swings, and tests have reported that nearly aged 45 or older are considered to have low testosterone. Now, recent studies have indicated that insufficient hormone levels could also spell out heart trouble.

Researchers from Ghent University Hospital in Belgium explored whether had any negative health impact upon the heart. Using a collection of studies that analyzed previous relationships between cardiovascular disease and testosterone published between 1970 and 2013, the doctors began reviewing old cases to see if an accumulation of various research could cement a correlation between the two.

Upon the reopening of the previous examinations, the researchers concluded that while little evidence was found to support a connection between low testosterone and atherosclerosis, which is the hardening and narrowing of arteries that is prone to prompt heart attacks and strokes, low amounts of hormone production can stem from an elevated risk of developing or dying from heart disease. In addition to a moderate increase of cardiovascular ailment, the researchers also alluded to low testosterone counts being attributed to an increase in body fat, loss of body hair and disintegration of muscle bulk.

Dr. Johannes Ruige, a Ghent University Hospital in Belgium and lead author of the study, suggested that while the connection is slight, both symptoms are the product of poor health management.

"When we reviewed the existing research into testosterone and cardiovascular disease, a growing body of evidence suggested a between the two," Ruige said in a statement. "Based on current findings, though, we cannot rule out that low testosterone and heart disease both result from poor overall health."

Naturally boost your testosterone
While taking hormone supplements are the most popular way to increase your testosterone count, mismanaging the amount of hormones you are taking can prove to be even unhealthier than having insufficient testosterone. A few easy and natural ways to boost your hormone production can include:

  • Exercising for 30 minutes a day
  • Losing weight and dieting properly
  • Receiving at least eight hours of sleep per night
  • Finding ways to successfully manage your stress

While further research is needed to truly link low testosterone to heart problems, Lovenox is a proven medication that can help alleviate symptoms that can provoke cardiovascular attack. If you have recently ran out of your prescription, you can always buy Lovenox from a trusted Canadian online pharmacy to receive the help you need.