Bipolar disorder affects those who binge eat differently

Abilify users who need prescribed medication to help offset their symptoms of bipolar disorder are not alone.

Abilify users who need medication to help offset their symptoms of bipolar disorder are not alone. There are currently living with the mental condition, and while many are able to overcome side effects through efficient treatment methods, recent studies have indicated that certain lifestyle factors can heavily impact how severe the effects of bipolar disorder can be.

Doctors from the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota got together for a study that analyzed how binge eating can of bipolar disorder. The researchers examined the effects of how excess consumption of food increases the intensity of general symptoms of the disease such as anxiety, psychosis and depression.

The doctors also discovered that obese individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder can experience an inflation of physical health side effects, including arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure. Of the estimated 4 percent of the U.S. population who are currently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, 10 percent of those people also have a binge eating condition. Binge eating is defined as undergoing various experiences of compulsive devouring of food, normally used as a coping mechanism to deal with feelings of guilt, stress and uncontrollable anger.

Dr. Mark Frye, a member of the department of Psychiatry/Psychology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, New York, and lead author of the study, described how feelings of disparity are the main contributors toward binge eating, and how additional research should be implemented toward finding more efficient forms of treatment.  

"The illness is , and then by definition how you would conceptualize how best to individualize treatment is more complicated," Frye said in a statement. "It really underscores the importance of trying to stabilize mood, because we know when people are symptomatic of their bipolar illness their binge frequency is likely to increase. We want to work with treatments that can be helpful but not have weight gain as a significant side effect."

Recognizing indicators of bipolar disorder
Identifying general displays of bipolar disorder behavior early on is the most productive step one can take toward handling side effects of the condition. A few signs that indicate someone could be struggling with bipolar disorder include:

  • Inability to concentrate or focus
  • Experiencing minimal sleep but still displaying tremendous amounts of energy
  • Displaying unrealistic beliefs and expectations regarding their abilities
  • Acts of recklessness without having any regard for potential consequences.

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