Blood samples can help diagnose asthma quicker

As Flovent users can attest to, diagnosis of asthma can sometimes be a lengthy process for accurate results.

As Flovent users can attest to, diagnosis of asthma can sometimes be a lengthy process for accurate results. There are generally a series of tests one has to endure, possible X-rays and even working with various medications before a final verdict can be provided. However, recent studies have alluded to a quicker way of diagnosing potential respiratory complications in a faster and more efficient method than ever used before. 

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin have tested whether diagnosing a person with asthma can be completed by using a of the patient's blood. Using a new form of technology that is able to correlate asthmatic properties with white blood cells, the doctors could now be able to determine if someone has respiratory complications before they even exhibit asthmatic symptoms.

The revolutionary equipment used by the researchers involves examining the cell function of neutrophils, which is the most abundant type of white blood cell within the body and are also the first cells to respond to inflammation. By being able to track the velocity at which the neutrophil cells move, the doctors will have a better opportunity to determine asthmatic symptoms in patients due to the migratory patterns of neutrophils in individuals with asthma.

David Beebe, a professor at the University of Wisconsin and co-author of the study, was amazed by the findings in his team's research, specifically regarding the potential to drastically decrease the complicated procedure of diagnosing asthma.

"What we've done in this paper is presented data that neutrophil cell function in some cases can predict - and in this case actually predicted and measured - whether ," Beebe said in a statement. "This is one of the first studies to show that this process could actually work in a cheap, easy and practical way."

Easing your asthma symptoms
If you have been officially diagnosed with asthma, avoiding certain environments or scenarios is the best way to ease side effects. A few simple ways to evade asthma triggers include:

  • Use indoor air conditions to help stamp out pollen in the house
  • Purchase a dehumidifier to reduce dampness in your home
  • Decrease contact with pets or feathered animals
  • Clean your house once a week to eliminate dust and mold buildup

A prescription to Flovent is known to also alleviate severe allergic reactions as well. If you are concerned about developing asthmatic symptoms, talk to your doctor to see if Flovent is the right move for you.