Clomid users may benefit from testing for risk of pregnancy complications

Many women who are trying to become pregnant turn to Clomid for assistance.

Many women who are trying to become pregnant turn to Clomid for assistance. This drug is able to stimulate the release of hormones in the female body that are required for ovulation. It can take some time for health care professionals to figure out the appropriate dosage for triggering a boost in estrogen levels. In some instances, it could take up to six menstrual cycles.

How Clomid works
Once Clomid has been successful in initiating ovulation, females should become pregnant within six months. At this time, many soon-to-be mothers worry about their risk for pregnancy complications - which can be a major concern following difficulties with fertilization. However, new research has uncovered a test that may be able to predict the likelihood in which a woman will experience complications during her pregnancy.

Potential pregnancy complications
A number of researchers from both the University of Manchester and Central Manchester University have found that are located in the blood, which may be an indication that a female is at risk of developing pre-eclampsia in her first pregnancy. This is a condition in which the mother can experience high blood pressure, which can lead to premature labor.

When doctors are aware of the condition, they can monitor the situation closely. However, with first-time moms, it's often unknown until the symptoms have increased to a dangerous level for mother and child. So, these researchers aimed to track protein levels in pregnant females.

There were three proteins that were focused on during the investigation, and two seemed to indicate a decreased risk for pregnant females developing pre-eclampsia. The health care professionals were able to track the levels through a series of blood tests. These are called pregnancy-specific glycoprotein 5 and 9, also known as PSG5 and PSG9.

As a result, the researchers believe that low counts of either or both of these proteins may indicate a high risk for developing a fatal pregnancy complication. This will allow doctors to be aware of the issue before it becomes a problem, and to monitor the mothers closely. Additionally, those who ran this study would like to investigate further to find out which proteins are commonly present in women who have pre-eclampsia.

Couples who are having a difficult time conceiving should talk to their doctors about using Clomid to help increase their chances of fertility. The product is available at the Canadian online pharmacy, Canadian Pharmacy Meds.