Eating fiber could decrease risk of first-time stroke

Lipitor users should always be on the lookout for finding new health tips to lower their chances of stroke.

Lipitor users should always be on the lookout for finding new health tips to lower their chances of stroke. For those hoping they never have to deal with any of the challenging symptoms of stroke, a study has alluded that simply adding more carbohydrates to your diet could drastically reduce the odds to the stopping of blood flow to the brain.

Researchers from the University of Leeds in England have discovered that can help decrease the risk of experiencing a stroke for the first time. First, the doctors analyzed medical record from studies that were conducted from 1990 to 2012, where they specifically examined all the variations of stroke that can occur within the body, especially with ischemic stroke, which is when a clot develops and blocks blood vessels that lead to the brain.

Then the researchers conducted their own testings, where they discovered that each 7-gram increase in dietary fiber resulted in a 7 percent decrease in first-time stroke risk. In addition, the doctors noted that dietary fiber is able to help reduce high levels of blood pressure and lower cholesterol, two major components that can lead to stroke.

Dr. Diane Threapleton, a professor at the University of Leeds and lead author of the study, hoped that her team's research would help spread awareness of all the health benefits fiber has to offer, as well as lower the overall rates of stroke occurrence.

"Greater intake of fiber-rich foods - such as whole-grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts - are , and especially for those with stroke risk factors like being overweight, smoking and having high blood pressure," Threapleton said in a statement. "We must educate consumers on the continued importance of increasing fiber intake and help them learn how to increase fiber in their diet."

How to get fiber
According to the study, increasing your fiber amount by just seven grams a day can help fight back against stroke symptoms. This is a relatively small amount that can be obtained through adding a few snacks to your diet each day. A few great sources of foods that are rich in fiber include:

  • Oatmeal (4 grams per serving)
  • Almonds (3.5 grams)
  • Raspberries (8 grams)
  • Cooked artichoke (10.3 grams)
  • Split peas (16.3 grams)

While adding fiber is a great start at defending yourself, you may also want to buy Lipitor for another ally in the fight against stroke.