Effexor a safer alternative to treat depression than Iboga

Effexor remains one of the best tools to help manage symptoms of depression in some patients.

The anti-depression drug Effexor has long been effective at treating depression in persons of all ages. However, treatments in the holistic field also constantly claim to successfully treat the disorder. Whether they work is open for debate.

Iboga House, a healing center in Costa Rica, is owned by a 10th generation Bwiti shaman Moughenda Mikala?, who offers a holistic approach to treating depression. His treatment focuses on the use of the Iboga root, which is found in Mikala's native African country of Gabon.

According to Iboga House, the center's treatments have a success rate of more than 80 percent. 

However, the use of the active ingredient in Iboga, Ibogaine, is controversial at the least. While those like Mikala liken it to a tool to combat substance abuse, others believe that it is a narcotic in itself. 

 Recently, three men practicing similar treatments in the Seattle, Washington, area were arrested on charges relating to administering the drug to patients fighting substance abuse. Currently, it is listed as a controlled substance in the United States, and can not be prescribed for any use. The FDA lists the root's active ingredient as a Schedule I drug. 

Although Mikala hopes that future education of the drug will lead to it becoming widely accepted and used in the western world, it's unlikely that will happen. Not since the mid 1990s has the DEA debated the use and classification of the substance. 

Depression can be difficult to deal with, so it's critical to consult your physician before receiving treatment of any kind. However,  some drugs have been clinically proven to help manage the symptoms of depression, such as Effexor.   

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