Effexor may help childless men with depression

Effexor may control the symptoms of depression in men that may result from an inability to have children.

A new study  from researchers at Keele University found that childless men are more likely to experience depression and sadness than women without children.

The university officials conducted a survey of men and women who did not have children. They found that 59 percent of men and 63 percent of women wanted kids. Upon further questioning, they discovered a discrepancy in the mental health of men and women who desired children of their own. 

Half of men said they experienced feelings of isolation because they did not have a child. Just 27 percent of women said the same thing. Also, 38 percent of the men without a child experienced depression, compared to just 27 percent of women without a child. 

The results of the study were surprising to the researchers, who indicated that the findings go against traditional thinking. 

"This challenges the common idea that women are much more likely to want to have children than men, and that they consistently experience a range of negative emotions more deeply than men if they don't have children," said Robin Hadley, who led the survey. 

Spotting depression in men
Treating depression in men can be more challenging than treating the disorder in women, according to the Mayo Clinic. This is because the condition often goes undiagnosed in men. There are several factors that lead to the illness going untreated in men, including the inability to recognize depression. The Mayo Clinic notes that symptoms of depression are not always related to emotions, particularly in men. Fatigue and digestive problems are depressive qualities that men tend to showcase. 

Another factor in the low rate of depression diagnosis in men is that many downplay or ignore symptoms, according to the Mayo Clinic. Some men do recognize the disease, however, for various reasons they chose not to admit it. This can lead to even more detrimental forms of depression and behavior. 

There are some common signs of depression men display that women do not. Looking for these indicators in loved ones can determine if a male has depression. Risky behavior like reckless driving is one thing to look out for. Also, the source notes escapist tendencies as a clue that a man is experiencing depression. This includes spending more time at work than normal. 

By using Effexor, men showcasing these qualities may be able to control depression. If approved by a doctor, purchase Effexor at an online pharmacy that offers discounted rates.