Effexor may help manage heart disease as well as depression

A report suggests that people suffering from depression may not benefit from physical activity that decreases the risk of heart disease.

The leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Also in the top 10 is complications resulting from diabetes. For most Americans, regular exercise and a proper diet are adequate in combating these ailments. 

However, a new report suggests that people suffering from depression don't benefit as much from physical activity that generally decreases the risk of the two diseases. 

Researchers at Duke University found that depression symptoms minimize the positive health effects that result from the steps most people take to prevent heart disease and diabetes, which include regular exercise and moderate alcohol consumption. 

When it comes to managing the symptoms of depression, the drug Effexor has been clinically proven to work, and it may also keep heart disease at bay.

CRP levels tested 
The study, conducted by the report's lead author Edward Suarez, measured C-reactive protein (CRP), an accurate risk marker for cardiovascular complications, in test subjects.

Among a total of 222 nonsmokers, both men and women, who were monitored, 4.5 percent displayed depressive symptoms. They were put on a regular exercise routine and given between a half drink to one drink per day. The CRP levels were lower in those without symptoms, while those suffering from depression experienced no change. 

More research needed
The researchers stated that their findings were novel, and unexpected. Due to the relatively new and unknown extent of the effect of diet and exercise on heart disease and diabetes in depressed persons, they recommended that more research be done. 

"The pattern of the interactions between anti-inflammatory activities such as light to moderate alcohol consumption and LTPA and psychological distress as indexed by severity of depressive symptomatology suggests an important new avenue for future research," read the report's abstract. 

A medical explanation for the findings was unable to be provided, as scientists have never seen such results. 

However, they did indicate that it did provide many findings that could help researchers and doctors in the future. 

The study also found that men do not receive the heart health perks of moderate alcohol consumption on the same scale as women. 

Despite the many questions raised by the report, it does showcase the importance of managing the symptoms of depression. By taking Effexor, people who suffer from depression can properly manage their systems, which may enable them to reap the heart health benefits of exercise and proper eating habits. 

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