Effexor may help women with depression linked to sleep disorders

Effexor, may be effective controlling depression-like symptoms in women with sleeping disorders according to a new study.

Effexor may be effective at controlling depression-like symptoms in women with sleeping disorders, according to a new study. Recently conducted by psychologists from Victoria University in Australia, a new report indicates that there may be a link between depression and sleep disorders among women. 

Close to 10,000 people took part in the massive study. Based on results, about 10 percent of women between the ages of 21 and 25 experience problems establishing regular sleeping patterns but did not show symptoms of any mental illness. However, after nine years, these women are four to five times more likely to be diagnosed with depression than women that have no trouble sleeping The Sydney Morning Herald reported. 

The results were presented by Dorothy Buck, a Victoria University professor, at an Australian Psychological Society conference, the source indicated. 

Buck speculated that difficulty sleeping may alter brain functions that can lead to depression. 

Healthy sleep patterns are often difficult for some people to maintain as every day activities can often prevent people from having enough time to get enough sleep each night. However, the Mayo Clinic says there are several things that can be done to make sure the proper amount of sleep is achieved each night.

Bedtime rituals
The human body is a creature of habit, and repeating the same routine before bed every night will condition it to wind down when desired. Activities the Mayo Clinic suggests include taking a hot bath or reading a book. It recommends dimming lights before bed time as well. Avoiding electronics is encouraged, as research shows artificial light can interfere with sleep. 

Watch the diet
Being comfortable is important when sleeping. Going to bed hungry can keep the body active, as can going to bed too full. Also try to avoid nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. The first two are stimulants that will do very little to help the body rest, while alcohol may help sleep happen quicker, it could also result in restlessness later in the night. 

Consistent schedule 
Even if tired, going to bed and waking up at the same time every day can help condition the body to be active when needed. Experts at the Mayo Clinic even say that this schedule should be followed on weekends, holidays and days off. It may difficult to do at first, but the body should adjust to the change eventually. 

Despite the findings from the Victoria University researchers, Effexor remains one of the best options for managing depression. It can be purchased at a Canadian online pharmacy for a low rate.