Expectant moms may want to try Singulair for asthma symptoms

Singulair helps individuals who are dealing with asthma and may be especially beneficial for pregnant women.

Singulair helps individuals who are dealing with asthma and may be especially beneficial for pregnant women. Not only can managing symptoms help to improve overall well-being while carrying a child, it may also have benefits for the mother when it comes time to deliver.

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, 8 percent of females who are within their childbearing years are afflicted with asthma. When not handled properly, the fetus is at risk and complications such as stillbirth, fetal growth retardation, premature birth and low birth weight may occur. However, just because a women has asthma does not mean her child is at risk. In one-third of cases, symptoms of the respiratory disorder improve during pregnancy. Additionally, one-third experience worsened effects, while the final third remain unchanged.

Cases of severe asthma are of greater concern for a female who is with child. It is important that these instances are monitored by doctors and treated with medications like Singulair, which can be purchased from Canadian pharmacies. Women will also want to avoid asthmatic triggers, such as pollens, molds and even animals. Some doctors may even recommend that fetal monitoring is maintained throughout the pregnancy to ensure health of the fetus.

Delayed pregnancy
Additionally, some women may struggle to get pregnant due to their asthma flare-ups. The Boston Globe reported that researchers in Denmark used surveys to question 15,000 females regarding their . All participants were younger than 41 years old. Of those with self-reported cases of asthma, 27 percent indicated that they had trouble getting pregnant. Trouble was defined as one year or longer of trying to get pregnant without conception. Twenty-one percent of the females who did not experience asthma symptoms sited fertility issues. That being said, authors of the study did not find any evidence indicating that asthmatic mothers were unable to deliver healthy babies.

Those who are looking to buy Singulair for treating asthma symptoms while pregnant are highly advised to discuss its usage with their doctors first. Health care professionals will be able to provide insight on any potential complications and prescribe the appropriate dosage for effective treatment. Every individual experiences different reactions to their asthmatic triggers, so regimes are likely varied. In addition to taking Canadian drugs, doctors will recommend that pregnant women take added precautions for keeping irritants at bay.