Harvard researchers may have uncovered new diabetic treatment

As nearly 10 percent of the entire U.S. population deals with symptoms of diabetes on a daily basis, new funding and research is happening daily to find a cure.

As nearly of the entire U.S. population deals with symptoms of diabetes on a daily basis, new funding and research is happening daily to find a cure. The road to recovery for Januvia users is always ongoing, but recent studies have indicated that a new strategy toward a treatment for the disease could be a positive step forward for helping millions of Americans.

Researchers from Harvard University have discovered a that can reduce the speeds of the degradation of insulin in animals, potentially meaning that the compound can be reproduced for humans. The specific compound essentially works as an insulin degrading enzyme (IDEs) that is able to elevate insulin levels and stimulate insulin signaling in testings with laboratory mice. This could mean that if the compound can properly be administered to people, higher insulin amounts can be maintained and glucose tolerance can be improved, potentially treating diabetes.   

After analyzing a library consisting of more than 14,000 DNA templates, researchers took the genetic compounds and incubated them with IDEs in an effort to bind the DNA strains to the insulin degrading enzymes. Their study was a variation of typical insulin-based diabetes treatment research, which consists primarily of injecting insulin into diabetics, providing drugs that trigger insulin secretion, or administering various drugs that can make the body more sensitive to insulin. Finding the ability to regulate the degradation of insulin has been the missing component toward finding a treatment.

Dr. David Liu, a professor at Harvard and lead contributor of the study, is optimistic that their research will be able to shed some new light for eventually finding a cure for diabetes.

"This work validates a new potential target for the ," Liu said in a statement. "What we show is that inhibiting IDE in an animal can improve glucose tolerance under conditions that mimic the intake of a meal if you administer this compound beforehand."

Current ways to control diabetes
While the new method of treatment is still in its infancy stages, there are many different measures diabetics should take in order to control their symptoms. A few of these factors include:

  • Sticking to a diet that is low in calories, saturated fat, sugar and salt
  • Exercising for 30-minute periods at least three times a week
  • Monitoring your blood sugar levels
  • Inspecting your feet for cuts, blisters, red spots or swelling
  • Discovering new ways to lower and manage your stress

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