Losing weight can help trim costs for diabetes patients

As Januvia users may be well aware of, there has been a troubling correlation in the past few decades in regards to the U.S. obesity epidemic along with diabetes development.

As Januvia users may be well aware of, there has been a troubling correlation in the past few decades in regards to the U.S. obesity epidemic along with diabetes development. According to the Obesity Society, more than of people who have Type 2 diabetes are considered overweight, and being obese vastly raises your risk of developing the disease. One study explored how losing a few pounds is not only beneficiary for your diabetes, but can help cut medical costs as well.

Researchers recently had their reports published in the online journal Diabetes Care that focused on how can actually reduce their healthcare costs by dieting and slimming down. The colleagues evaluated 5,121 overweight people between the ages of 45 and 76 who were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and tracked their medical histories tracked for more than a decade. Half of the subjects involved were assigned to an intensive lifestyle intervention (ILI) group, which featured more diabetes support and education programs designed to help foster weight loss and blood sugar health education.

Over the course of the study, researchers found that subjects enrolled in the ILI group maintained lower weight and higher levels of physical activity compared to other participants who received no such training. In addition, the ILI group had 11 percent less hospitalizations and 15 percent shorter hospital stays than the control group. Along with needing fewer prescription medicines, this decrease in medical attention lead to an average of $5,280 in health care savings per person over 10 years, equating to $528 per year.

Dr. Mark A. Espeland, a professor at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and lead author in the study, expressed how important it is for diabetics to manage their weight, not only for their health, but for their finances as well.

"Lifestyle interventions promoting are recommended for overweight and obese people with Type 2 diabetes to improve their health," Espeland said in a statement. "Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease that is affecting more and more adults, increasing their health care needs and costs. This study shows that by losing weight and being physically active, individuals can reduce these costs."

Weight loss tips for diabetics
Losing weight is never as easy as it sounds, but all it takes is a little determination and focus to gradually start working your way toward your weight loss goal.

According to the American Diabetes Association, losing as little as can help with everything from lowering blood pressure, reducing blood sugar, easing stress on your limbs and boosting your cholesterol levels. If you're in the beginning phases of weight loss fitness, it's important to start small and slowly incorporate more intense exercise routines. Set realistic goals for yourself to accomplish, such as simply going for a few long walks per week, eating one healthier meal per day or signing up for a gym membership.

Keep track of your exercise progress by either recording your daily activities in a journal or weight loss app. This way, you can see exactly how you're approaching your weight loss goal and visualize the changes you need to obtain your desired weight. Finally, utilize a support system by seeking out a friend to work out with or join an exercise class. The more people behind you, the more motivated you'll stay.

While trying to lose weight, remember that prescription medications such as Januvia are an excellent way to alleviate diabetic symptoms. You can always buy Januvia at a Canadian online pharmacy whenever you need a refill.