Meditation therapy may aid use of Effexor against Depression

A recent study suggests that a form of meditation called mindfulness may reduce the symptoms of depression in adolescents.

Although Effexor is an effective drug that many physicians trust to treat depression, those who suffer from the disorder should complement the use of the pharmaceutical with natural treatments.

A recent study suggests that a form of meditation called mindfulness may reduce the symptoms of depression in adolescents, according to ScienceDaily. Mindfulness is a therapy designed to increase the levels of attentiveness in those who partake in the introspective meditation.

The study included about 400 students between the ages of 13 and 20 who were split into two groups. The first group was put on a mindfulness training regimen, while the other was not, acting as the control group for the experiment, which was conducted in Belgium.

Both groups filled out surveys before the experiment that included questions designed to indicate depressive symptoms in the respondents. Twenty-one percent of each group displayed symptoms of depression. The same survey was conducted immediately after the training was completed, with 15 percent of the meditation group experiencing symptoms of depression compared to 27 percent of the control group.

Six months after, the survey was completed for a third time. The numbers were close to those reported directly after the treatment, with 16 percent of the test group having symptoms and 31 percent of the control group depressed.

Scientists that conducted the study said this could prove that meditation practices are effective long-term solutions in aiding drugs such as Effexor in managing depression.

Forms and signs of Depression
According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), there are several types of depression. Major depression is one of the more debilitating forms of the condition, characterized by symptoms that inhibit a person's ability to work, eat and sleep. Minor depression, another common form of depression, is marked by symptoms that are not as severe as the effects of major depression, which makes every-day tasks difficult.

Even so, patients with the minor form of the disorder are at a higher risk to develop major depression if they are not treated.

The NIH says some of the warning signs for depression are anxiety, feelings of guilt and decreased energy. If people exhibit these signs, they should meet with a doctor at once.

The clinically proven medication, Effexor, can be purchased at most pharmacies, however, an online pharmacy offers consumers the best option because online retailers offer many pharmaceuticals at discount prices.