Men with erectile dysfunction have double the risk of heart disease

Viagra is the main prescription for a condition that affects 40 percent of men aged 40 or older.

Viagra is the main prescription for a condition that affects aged 40 or older. While erectile dysfunction (ED) is common and treatable, a recent study has proven that its diagnosis can also mean a higher risk of heart attack or stroke.

Researchers in Australia conducted an examination that focused on some of the of having erectile dysfunction. The study monitored the symptoms of 95,000 men who were enrolled in a government survey program called "45 and Up," where participants fill out questionnaires for census data purposes. The questions ranged from lifestyle and physical factors to medical history and sexual health activity.

The doctors found that ED symptoms sharply increased as the participants got older, with the percentage of men diagnosed with the condition rising 6.8 percent by age 55, 20.2 percent by age 65 and 50 percent at age 75. In addition, men with critical ED were discovered to have a 60 percent greater likelihood of developing a cardiovascular disease and more than 7,800 of those individuals were admitted to a hospital for heart complications by the end of the study.

While the results provided no concrete evidence that erectile dysfunction is the main cause of these heart problems, the researchers noted that this is a step forward in determining the source for the link with these two conditions.

"The findings of this study highlight the need to to the risk of a wide range of CVDs," the authors stated in a press release.   

Preventing ED
While developing erectile dysfunction over aging is an ordinary male trait, there are still a number of ways to help offset the chances of contracting the disorder. A few tips to decrease your odds include:

  • Healthy diet and exercise
  • Abstain from tobacco products
  • Receiving counseling for stress and anxiety
  • Decreasing alcohol consumption

Viagra is a successful prescribed treatment that can help improve your sexual stamina, however implementing a healthier lifestyle can also ease ED symptoms. Contact your doctor today if you are experiencing problems achieving an erection.