More natural ways to cure the blues helps Effexor usefulness

Thinking negative thoughts can make people feel bad as well, but when it comes to depression, some doubt that such a simple solution could be of any help.

Thinking negative thoughts can make people feel bad as well, but when it comes to depression, there is some doubt that such a simple solution could be of any help. It turns out, coupled with Effexor and other antidepressant use, things like positive imagery may be able to produce better outcomes for depression patients. Simply changing a few things about daily habits and thinking patterns can provide people with the kind of depression and anxiety relief they need to lead normal lives. What's more, they can procure these positive results without spending as much time at the drug store or shopping at an online pharmacy.

Psych Central reported that the Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit conducted a study using both depressed and average subjects. The group was asked to think of 15 positive memories and associate these thoughts with specific places, objects and feelings. Then, participants were asked to try recalling these ideas on command while in a lab setting. Researchers later called each person on the phone a week later to go through the memory recall process again in order to determine if the overall strategy was effective.

Scientists discovered that having people associate positive memories with certain stimuli and circumstances helped them recall these experiences when needed, and the resulting recollections were more vivid. Participants also were able to report having an easier time remembering happy thoughts when they were feeling depressed or sad, helping them improve their outlooks in tandem to Effexor treatment regimens.

Looking on the bright side of life
Another study by the University of Manchester, England, showed that people who indulged in positive entertainment during periods of depression were able to recover from these moods more quickly. For those with low- to moderate-intensity depression, simply reading self-help books, taking a walk or participating in other positive activities triggered significant relief from bad emotional states. Even those with the most severe kinds of depression saw some benefit from this treatment model, coupled with prescription medication usage.

On the whole, those with the worst depression actually had the most significant response to these kinds of interventions, meaning any kind of positive interaction designed to help curb negativity might be useful for those with the worst emotional issues. Researchers at the University of Manchester recommended that those already on medicines like Effexor may want to investigate such self-help options, since they tend to be free and easy to obtain. Even people with lower-grade depression symptoms may want to inspect these outlets, though they may not gain as much from them. Sometimes simply being exposed to happiness and positivity can be of help, however.