Nexium and a healthy diet can help control acid reflux

By complementing Nexium use with a proper diet, patients with acid reflux can better control the effects of the condition.

By complementing Nexium with a proper diet, patients with acid reflux can better control the effects of the condition. Defined as the upward flow of acid into the esophagus, acid reflux can lead to severe heartburn and discomfort, according to the Mayo Clinic.

There are several lifestyle changes that the source recommends for individuals attempting to decrease the severity of acid reflux symptoms. Apart from avoiding nicotine and alcohol, establishing proper dietary habits can limit the effects of acid reflux.

Certain foods can trigger heartburn and discomfort associated with the condition. Although they may be different for every patient, the Mayo Clinic notes that fried and fatty foods are often common catalysts. Chocolate and peppermint are also known to increase the prevalence of heartburn, the source said.

Resources provided by the National Institutes of Health listed several other foods that are known to irritate acid reflux patients. Caffeine can increase stomach acid leading to heartburn, as can citrus fruits and foods that are heavy on tomato such as pizza. Onions, garlic and spicy dishes should also be avoided.

A diet low in fat can be particularly effective in managing the condition, as it can help patients lose weight. Obesity can exacerbate the effects of the illness, so weight loss may help some in controlling symptoms, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality states. Eating prior to sleeping can also lead to heartburn, according to the source, so patients should avoid eating three hours before going to bed.

Proper eating alone may not be enough to control acid reflux, so aiding the right diet with Nexium is a good strategy. Patients can purchase the drug at a Canadian online pharmacy that tend to have rates that are much lower than American pharmacies.