Organic diets may help Clomid users boost fertility

Users of fertility drug, Clomid, may want to start eating organic foods based on the findings of a new study.

Users of fertility drug Clomid may want to start eating organic foods, based on the findings of a new study. Researchers at Southern Methodist University in Dallas found that fruit flies given organic foods were healthier than flies on traditional diets. 

One of the key findings was in an increase in fertility for the flies feeding on organic produce. The study included four separate experiments. Each included two groups of flies fed the same food, however, one was given organic produce while the other was given non-organic produce. Bananas, potatoes, raisins and soybeans were the four foods used. All produce used in the study was purchased at the same location in Austin, Texas.

In all four experiments, the flies fed organic food laid more eggs than the flies fed normal produce. 

"On both of these tests, flies fed organic diets performed much better than flies fed conventional diets. They lived longer, had higher fertility, and had a much higher lifetime reproductive output," said Johannes Bauer, a biologist at SMU. 

High school student takes the lead
One of the oddities of this experiment was that it was headed by a high school student that Bauer mentored for the duration of the study. Ria Chhabra, a student at Clark High School in Plano, Texas, lobbied to conduct the experiment after hearing her parents debate the merits of organic food. 

Although the reasons behind the study's results were unknown, the researchers were optimistic that future testing could provide some insight into the positive effects of organic food on general health.  

To date, most of the research that has gone into studying health benefits of organic produce has been mixed. Some studies have shown no apparent trend in the use of organic food being beneficial to overall health, while others indicated a higher level of nutrients and decreased pesticide contamination for the naturally grown foods. 

However, these results may keep scientists curious as to how organic food can help the human body.

Clomid users might also pay close attention to these developments as organic foods may offer hope for women looking to boost their fertility rates. Although the research is promising, it's far from guaranteed that these foods will increase the chance of conception, with traditional fertility drugs offering the best aid. 

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