People with cognitive impairment could have higher risk of stroke

Extensive research has been conducted over the years specifically trying to pinpoint what types of health factors elevate the risk of suffering a stroke.

Extensive research has been conducted over the years specifically trying to pinpoint what types of health factors elevate the risk of suffering a stroke. While many symptoms of stroke can be managed through prescription medications such as Lipitor, there are certain health conditions that may elevate the likelihood of blood clots occurring despite the use of drug treatment. One study has explored how a specific impairment may significantly raise the chance of stroke.

In a study published in the medical publication Canadian Medical Association Journal, researchers from United States, Taiwan and South Korea examined whether people with a are at a greater risk of experiencing a stroke. The colleagues collectively reviewed previous testings that involved analyzing data from 18 studies of 121,879 people with cognitive impairment. Ultimately, it was discovered that a significantly higher rate of stroke was evident in people with a variation of cognitive impairment when compared to people with normal cognitive function.

Cognitive impairment is defined by the Mayo Clinic as an "intermediate stage between the expected and the more serious decline of dementia." General symptoms of mild cognitive impairment include:

  • General difficulty processing memory
  • Problems paying attention
  • Having trouble getting around well-recognized environments
  • Impulsive behavior or poor judgment
  • Feeling overwhelmed by making decisions

Overall, the researchers determined that people with cognitive impairment faced a 39 percent increased risk of stroke than those with healthy cognitive levels. The colleagues hypothesized that this connection could exist because cognitive impairment might be a proponent of general symptoms of stroke, such as blocked blood vessels within the brain, hardening of the arteries and inflammation.

The authors of the study agreed that cognitive impairment should now be more commonly identified as a risk factor for stroke, which could potentially save lives in regard to treating people for blood clots sooner than later.

"Cognitive impairment should be more broadly recognized as a possible early clinical manifestation of cerebral infarction, so that timely management of vascular risk factors can be instituted to potentially and to avoid further deterioration of cognitive health," the authors said in a statement. "Given the projected substantial rise in the number of older people around the world, prevalence rates of cognitive impairment and stroke are expected to soar over the next several decades, especially in high-income countries."  

Recognizing cognitive impairment
Awareness of certain traits that may indicate the development cognitive impairment is essential for diagnosing the condition. The biggest factors associated with this deterioration in mental ability are aging and having a gene that is called . APOE-e4 is a common gene associated with decreasing cognitive ability and is also linked to being a risk in the development of Alzheimer's disease. A simple blood test can notify you what type of APOE alleles you have. 

Cognitive impairment isn't solely hereditary. Certain poor lifestyle habits and health conditions are also linked to rapid cognitive decline, including:

  • Smoking tobacco
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Lack of exercise
  • Avoiding social situations 

Implementing a well-balanced diet is widely considered one of the easiest ways to offset the risk of experiencing cognitive impairment. Adhering to a low-fat diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables will always benefit your mental health. Recent discoveries over the cognitive wonders of omega-3 fatty acids have alluded this nutrient to possessing brain boosting capabilities, including lessening the likelihood of and keeping your .

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