Proper diet may benefit Effexor users

Various lifestyle factors can cause depression, one of which is dietary habits.

Various lifestyle factors can increase the risk of depression, one of which is dietary habits, according to Murdoch University researchers. The condition, which may be treated effectively with Effexor, may also be controlled by adhering to a healthy diet, the Australian university researchers said.

The Murdoch University scientists recently conducted a study that drew information from three separate medical databases. They determined that as technology has advanced, a shift in lifestyle has occurred throughout most of the developed world. During this time, an increase in psychiatric illness, including depression, has coincided with the change.

Most scientists recognize a connection between lifestyle habits and symptoms of depression, but the recent study indicates that there may be a bi-directional relationship. Experts said not only does poor diet result in a higher risk for depression, depression can often result in the development of a poor diet.

The three lifestyle aspects that the study focused on were diet, exercise and sleep, however, the researchers stated that there may be other lifestyle factors that can lead to depressive symptoms. Due to this, they believe more research regarding this topic is warranted. Also, the fact that a total understanding of the relationship between lifestyle factors and the onset of depression is lacking means that future studies on the subject are likely.

Healthy diet tips
Even without a total understanding of the relationship, the researched did indicate that a healthy diet may prevent depression. Establishing beneficial eating habits can be difficult for some but the National Institutes of Health recommends controlling portion sizes as a good starting point.

Also, cultivating a diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, fruits and low-fat dairy products can provide health benefits.

Switching to leaner meats may also help improve wellness, the NIH states. Most grocery stores offer several options when it comes to purchasing ground meats. Selecting those that are low in fat is a healthy option.

Avoid trans fats, as they are hallmarks of unhealthy foods, as are excessive amounts of sodium and added sugars. Most fruits have sufficient amounts of naturally occurring sugars that can provide for proper daily sugar intake.

When purchasing items at a grocery store, look at the nutritional facts on the label and see if they fit into a proper diet plan. Also, be sure to consult with a physician to establish an eating plan that is right for you.

Apart from proper diet, using Effexor can provide relief from depression and can be purchased at a Canadian online pharmacy for a low cost.