Sitagliptin and coffee keep diabetes away

According to Harvard School of Public Health, 54 percent of American adults drink at least one cup of coffee everyday.

According to Harvard School of Public Health, of American adults drink at least one cup of coffee everyday. While we generally rely on a cup of joe to get the gears going in the morning, there could be some healthy unintended consequences with our java obsession. 

Researchers from Harvard University recently discovered that drinking at least each day can decrease your risk of developing diabetes. After analyzing data records from previous test subjects including 48,464 women in a Brigham and Women's Hospital-based Nurses' Health Study from 1986 to 2006, 47,510 women in Nurses' Health Study II from 1991 to 2007 and 27,759 men in a Health Professionals Follow-up Study from 1986 to 2006, the doctors found that only 7,269 cases of Type 2 diabetes were reported.

Researchers discovered that of all of those documented cases, those who increased their daily consumption of coffee to 1.69 cups each day over a four-year duration were found to have an 11 percent less chance of developing diabetes, than compared to those who made no changes in coffee consumption. In addition, those who lowered their coffee intake by more than one cup a day were 17 percent more likely to generate diabetes.

Dr. Shilpa Bhupathiraju, a researchers at Harvard and lead author of the study, was intrigued by how the intake or decrease in coffee use was able to have a big impact on reported diabetes cases.

"Our findings confirm those of previous studies that showed that higher coffee consumption was associated with ," Bhupathiraju said in a statement. "Most importantly, they provide new evidence that changes in coffee consumption habit can affect Type 2 diabetes risk in a relatively short period of time."

Other ways to lower the risk of diabetes
Now that Sitagliptin users know that adding a cup of coffee each day could help decrease the chances of diabetes symptoms, it is also important to know all the other preventative methods that can reduce the odds of this disease. A few ways to help your body avoid diabetes include:

  • eating breakfast every day in the morning.
  • avoiding tobacco use.
  • taking part in 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise.
  • getting a full eight hours of sleep every night.

Sitagliptin is also a prescribed medicine that can help control and prevent further side effects of diabetes from controlling your life. To buy Sitagliptin, using a Canadian online pharmacy is a cheaper and more effective prescription drug resource.