Smoking bans have decreased childhood asthma attacks

Flovent users are well aware of the dangers that can arise from secondhand smoke.

Flovent users are well aware of the dangers that can arise from secondhand smoke. For years, regulations have been put forth that are slowly decreasing the public usage of tobacco, which has been met to much debate. Now as many states across the country continue to implement harsh restrictions upon smoking cigarettes, recent studies are indicating that a correlation in health progress is being made.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland have discovered that while the ramifications of anti-smoking laws may vary from country to country, states and cities within the U.S. and Europe have seen a in hospital admissions for childhood asthma attacks. In addition, the rates of premature births has also dropped by 10 percent in these specific regions.

The researchers also alluded to the fact that only one-sixth of the entire population of the world are currently implementing some variation of anti-smoking regulations. This potentially means that 40 percent of children all around the globe are being frequently exposed to secondhand smoke, a health hazard that regularly claims 160,000 lives annually while also prone to causing disability.

In obtaining the results of their study, the researchers analyzed the data records of more than 2.5 million births, as well as more than 250,000 hospital admissions for asthma attacks.

Dr. Jasper Been, a researcher at the University of Edinburgh and lead contributor to the study, hoped that his team's initial evidence could help other countries around the world understand the importance of eliminating public tobacco use.

"Our research shows that smoking bans are an effective way to protect the ," Been said in a statement. "These findings should help to accelerate the introduction of anti-smoking legislation in areas not currently protected."

Quitting tobacco for good
If you are suffering from asthma and are possibly experiencing an addiction to tobacco, it is important to understand that your respiratory condition will never get any better the more cigarettes you continue to smoke. A few recommended tips to help give up smoking for good include:

  • set a quit date in preparation of ending smoking
  • inform your friends, family and co-workers of your intentions so they will call you out if they catch you trying to light up
  • throw out all of your tobacco products, lighters and ashtrays
  • avoid drinking or socializing with other smokers during the first few months of quitting

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