Stress during pregnancy could result in childhood asthma

Flovent users know that there are many health factors that can bring forth symptoms of asthma.

Flovent users know that there are many health factors that can bring forth symptoms of asthma. While genetics, pollens and seasonal changes are the most noted proponents, researchers are now beginning to realize that other life elements could play a role in the development of asthma.

Professors from the University Medical Center Hamburg?, Eppendorf, in Germany analyzed data from pregnant mothers to see if could impact a baby's likelihood of having asthma. The researchers compiled statistics 1,587 children and their mothers, who were all taking part in an Australian pregnancy study. The women were questioned about whether or not they had experienced various forms of stressors during their pregnancy, like factors ranging from divorce, family or pressure from work.

The children involved in the study were evaluated for asthma or other allergy-type symptoms during the ages of 6 through 14. The researchers concluded from the results of the examinations that kids born from mothers who endured stressful life events during the pregnancy were twice as likely to have asthma or allergies than those who did not report levels of stress.  

While further research is needed to truly determine whether stress experienced by pregnant females can actually trigger the asthma, the connection between the two factors cannot be overlooked. Along with stress, other elements that can potentially increase the risk of asthma in children can be alluded to inherited allergies, poor environmental conditions and whether or not a parent has asthma. 

Reducing stress
According to the American Psychological Association, just feel that they are doing a good job of managing their stress. Experiencing daily forms of tension and pressure can impact your health in a number of ways, including extreme weight gain, frequent headaches and even panic attacks. Finding ways to reduce stress can be extremely beneficial, especially for soon-to-be mothers. Some simple exercises you can do to help manage or decrease your levels of stress include:

  • 30 minutes of exercise
  • Practicing yoga
  • Drinking green tea
  • Receive a massage
  • Write your thoughts in a journal
  • Take a walk through nature

Eliminating these stress factors during pregnancy can help lower your child's risk of developing asthma later on in life. If you are experiencing severe asthma symptoms, ask your doctor about a prescription to Flovent. You can buy Flovent at a Canadian online pharmacy.