Stress relief may help with depression and Effexor treatment

Stress and anxiety go hand in hand with depression, a mental condition that impacts a large number of people every year.

Stress and anxiety go hand in hand with depression, a mental condition that impacts a large number of people every year. With that in mind, researchers are constantly looking for new medicines and procedures to help relieve the symptoms of this illness, but some people prefer to try natural remedies. If using Effexor and other antidepressants alone isn't having the kind of positive impact that clinicians expect, the problem could be rooted in other problems.

Universal need for stress relief
The Guilfordian, a news outlet of Guilford College, reported on a study by the university that looked at the amount of students on campus with stress symptoms. About half of all respondents indicated that they regularly experience high levels of stress and depression problems, with less than 10 percent reporting adequate attention from healthcare providers to address these issues. The researchers found that people either think they can handle these issues on their own or they simply can't afford treatment.

Students and professionals alike experience constant stress that may contribute directly to increased depressive symptoms. In such cases, finding ways of reducing discomfort and managing problems can help people feel better overall, not just academically or at work but with life in general. The Guilfordian reported that people of all ages with extreme stress should try to get daily exercise, expose themselves to plenty of sunlight and eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. This can improve overall physical and mental health.

At work and at home
The Huffington Post reported that companies are also concerned with this aspect of employee well being. While stress and anxiety can be brought on by normal aspects of work, there are times when these elements are above and beyond an acceptable level. On top of that, the American Institute of Stress showed that work-related woes are escalating all the time, costing employers thousands of dollars per person in lost time and poor performance.

More employer-backed health plans now cover wellness initiatives, gym memberships and psychiatric support to ensure that these matters don't get out of hand. Helping people cover the costs of keeping themselves healthy can make them feel better at work, not just because of reduced financial hardship, but because it shows that their bosses care. Improving various personal health habits, as well as maintaining an Effexor regimen, can increase the effectiveness of prescribed treatments and create more positive outcomes for individuals.