Study shows standard Nexium dose effective for any weight

According to a recent study, acid reflux drug Nexium may relieve symptoms with a standard dosage regardless of Body Mass Index.

Depending on the weight of a person, physicians will often prescribe different dosages of a given medication. Generally, the larger a person is, the higher the dosage. However, according to a recent study, acid reflux drug Nexium may relieve symptoms with a standard dosage regardless of Body Mass Index (BMI).

The study done by the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center analyzed 621 patients with non-erosive  reflux disease (NERD) and 2,692 patients with erosive esophagitis (EO), two forms of acid reflux. NERD patients were put on a regular regimen of 30-gram proton-pump inhibitors similar to Nexium, while EO patients were given 60-gram dosages.

Each course of treatment lasted 8 weeks.

 Regardless of BMI, those suffering from NERD reported less severe symptoms. Surprisingly, the EO test subjects with a higher BMI had better results than those with a lower BMI, indicating that there may be a change in standard dosages once future studies confirm the findings.

Roughly 77 percent of EO patients with a BMI under 25 said they experienced heartburn-free days. On the other hand, 84 percent of those with a BMI over 30 reported heartburn-free days. 

The Mayo Clinic, which diagnoses and treats over 28,000 people with various forms of acid reflux per year, lists the use of PPIs as an effective solution in controlling acid reflux. They do suggest taking calcium supplements while on PPIs as there is a chance, although small, of bone fractures. 

Also, the drug may reduce the effectiveness of certain blood thinners so it is important to tell your doctor if you use such a medication in the event a PPI is prescribed. 

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