Traditional remedies show little improvement for arthritis

Getting vitamin supplements from online pharmacies can help improve overall wellness, potentially staving off costly health problems.

Getting vitamin supplements from online pharmacies can help improve overall wellness, potentially staving off costly health problems. These complementary and alternative medicines have been shown to be beneficial in relieving certain symptoms, like muscle pain, that are traditionally associated with skeletal or tissue damage, and also serve to build up critical body functions. Unfortunately, those who have been using one supplement, vitamin D, may not be makingmuch difference when they take this pill for osteoarthritis pain.

The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study by Tufts Medical Center in Boston, in which nearly 150 people, both men and women, on average 60 years of age, were given either a vitamin D supplement or a placebo pill. The research showed little to no difference between the groups in the overall amount of knee pain stemming from osteoarthritis. There was no substantial improvement in the amount of cartilage between different groups, with knee function similarly unchanged. However, researcher did find a link between bone density and the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis to begin with, indicating that increased calcium and vitamin D consumption earlier in life could assist in building better bones, thereby reducing the eventual impact or onset of the illness.

"Some studies have suggested that vitamin D may protect against structural progression," stated the academic explanation of the study. "Despite its impact, there are no medical treatments established to influence the course of the disease."

Preventative arthritis measures
There are several other things besides using a Canadian online pharmacy to procure inexpensive vitamin D supplements that can help reduce the likelihood of osteoarthritis. Certain lifestyle habits could reduce the impact of the disease should it affect an individual, Consumer Reports wrote.

Getting enough exercise and keeping weight within a healthy range is important to maintaining overall wellness, the source wrote. Added strain on bones and muscle due to excess pounds can be stressful on aging joints, and in cases where people already have osteoarthritis, it can make the situation worse. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that individuals over 60 were twice as likely to develop a severe illness if they were obese versus if they were at a healthy weight.

The source also wrote that many experts recommend using basic drug treatments, making vitamin D a good option for these patients,but the research from Tufts University shows that it may not be the best option for those who already have certain symptoms from osteoarthritis.