Understanding the importance of serotonin during birth as a Clomid user

Women taking Clomid may be interested to know that once a child is born, his or her brain's sensory system begins developing.

Women taking Clomid may be interested to know  that once a child is born, his or her brain's sensory system begins developing. This information was recently collected by a group of researchers from Kanazawa University who studied the effects of birth on the brains of mice.

Basics of the investigation
Until recently, doctors had little to no insight as to what began the in the brain. So, lead author Hiroshi Kawasaki and colleges decided to take a look into the subject. Using lab mice, it was found that serotonin levels immediately decreased once the pups were delivered. As a result, the animals' brains were able to begin development of the senses. This means that the chemical serotonin and a lack of it are responsible for allowing an infant to create a sensory map.

There were a number of things researchers highlighted in regards to this study, including the barrel formation within the cerebral cortex. As a natural effect of birth, this occurrence is dependent on the levels of serotonin being produced. Specifically, the chemical helps to regulate eye-specific segregation, improving an infant's sense of vision.

"Our results clearly demonstrate that and maturation," Kawasaki told LiveScience.

What to take into consideration
It should be noted that although the investigation was done on mice, these animals share the same process in which brains work to process different types of sensory information - like a number of other mammals. This is why the collected data is still relevant to the development of a newborn human's brain.

Additionally, researchers were able to narrow the reasoning for sensory development down to serotonin after ruling out other possibilities. A couple of the other triggers investigated included the effects of tactile input after birth and the simple change in surroundings for the pups - rather than the actual birthing process. The exact effects of serotonin levels during birth were measured by early-induced labor and medications that lowered the amount of the chemical in the pups. These trials resulted in the same development progression.

Clomid users should note that a number of mental disorders are related to issues with serotonin levels. As a result, the researchers believe that abnormal births may lead to complications with lower amounts of the chemicals in an infant. As a result, this could be the cause of different birth-related illnesses. Authors of the study feel as though their findings provide sufficient evidence to further look into the full effects of serotonin during birth.