Vitamin D might not play role in asthma prevention

Any Singulair users who have been informed that vitamin D consumption is crucial toward preventing asthma symptoms may have been misled.

Any Singulair users who have been informed that vitamin D consumption is crucial toward preventing asthma symptoms may have been misled. While it has often been assumed in the medical field that a deprivation of vitamin D can potentially lead to numerous health side effects, recent studies indicate that the compound may have relatively no impact on eliminating asthmatic symptoms.

Researchers from Washington University School of Medicine analyzed in nine major hospitals across the U.S. to evaluate what deficient blood levels of vitamin D meant for asthma patients. Measurements of below 30 nanograms of vitamin D in the blood are considered to be inadequate, and all the subjects were recorded to possess an average of 18 nanograms in their bloodstream, while also being officially diagnosed with some variation of asthma.

One group received an initial dosage of 100,000 international units of vitamin D followed by daily increments of 4,000 units afterwards and the other group was given a placebo. Researchers discovered no significant difference between the two groups in terms of measurements of asthma control took place. This included no major contrasts in asthma attacks endured, no upgrade in medication dosage as well as no spike in emergency care admittance. There was also no reported increase in quality of life for patients taking the vitamin D supplements, according to self-questionnaires provided for the subjects.

The only significant discrepancy noted between the two groups was a reduction in their usage of inhaled steroids for their asthma symptoms. The group taking vitamin D supplements eventually was able to slightly reduce their need for inhaled steroids, which was the only efficient advantage noted.

Dr. Mario Castro, a professor at Washington University and lead contributor to the study, admitted that vitamin D did little to help improve asthma conditions overall, but its ability to decrease the amount of inhaled steroids used every day is still beneficial information. 

"The difference was small - 15 micrograms of steroid per day - but ," Castro said in a statement. "Over the long term, even that small amount may have an important impact on reducing side effects of inhaled steroids. Although inhaled steroids work very well in controlling asthma, patients don't like them because they cause weight gain and increase the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Anything we can do to reduce the amount they need is important."  

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