What foods Nexium users may and may not benefit from

Attention Nexium users who have been suffering due to the discomfort of recurring heartburn: There's hope in the foods you eat.

Attention Nexium users who have been suffering due to the discomfort of recurring heartburn: There's hope in the foods you eat. Certainly there are some obvious dishes to stay away from - the spicy and deep fried are the most well-known - but some soothing options can be surprising.

Items to avoid
There are a few grocery items that trigger acid reflux that a number of individuals are unaware of. For instance, mint has been known to cause discomfort. Additionally, chocolate has high fat content and stimulates acid reflux symptoms. Even dark chocolate - which is often considered the healthy option - can be bothersome. And although all alcoholic beverages can lead to GERD in sufferers, wine is the worst.

Foods that may cause issues with some individuals and not others can include dairy products, fatty meats (beef, pork and lamb all take longer for the body to digest and are of a major concern for many) and tomato-based foods. Not only is soda high in sugar, but it also contains acid, which can initiate acid reflux.

Foods to enjoy
Surprisingly, the list of foods that can work with Nexium to help prevent acid reflux is rather long. Fruits to add to the grocery list include bananas and melons. Veggies can trigger GERD as well, including leafy greens, celery and root vegetables. Grains like oatmeal and brown rice can add substance and acid reflux relief to any dish - from breakfast to dinner.

Low fat meats such as chicken and turkey should be prepared in place of those other trigger-friendly options. Additionally, seafood and fish may help someone avoid a bout of GERD? and give you a great source of healthy protein. When it comes to seasoning your dishes, the ones to use include in your fridge are parsley, fennel and ginger - which are known for anti-inflammatory properties and support in digestive regulation.

Additional precautions
Those who suffer from acid reflux will want to make sure that they are chewing their food thoroughly while dining. This can help to ease digestion, but you'll want to chew each bite 30 to 50 times. Although this can seem like a lot, it increases saliva and digestive enzymes that can provide Nexium support in warding off heartburn. This will also take longer to finish a meal, and many people are likely to reduce their portions as a result.

Although it's great to drink water before a meal, it's best not to do so while eating. This can be difficult with some meals that dry your mouth out, so just limit liquid intake. Avoiding beverages during a meal can be beneficial because it prevents the washing away of digestive enzymes that could possibly prevent acid reflux.