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Salt: Balance the Healthy & Harmful Effects

Like many foods and ingredients, salt in and of itself is not bad for you. Not only does your body require an appropriate amount of salt to function; salt is, of course, also used to preserve meat, for cleaning, and adding flavor to food, among many other benefits. Your daily requirement of sodium is used to […]

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What Does it Mean if Someone is Autistic?

Every person experiences their health condition or disease in a very specific way, and certain conditions have a lot more range than others. Since April is Autism Awareness Month, let’s learn the basics of what autism is, how it can be experienced, and how it is managed and treated. What is Autism? Autism is a […]

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How to Portion Control for Healthy Weight

As March is National Nutrition Month, we are reminded how vital a role our food choices and eating habits play in every area of health. For any health conditions, healthy weight and long-term healthy living, an educated diet is one of the key components along with regular exercise and effective medication. You know best what […]

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How to Protect Your Vision in the Workplace

After using your mind at work all day, you can go home and decompress. If your job is more physically active, you can go home and stretch. But what about something else you rely on at work: your vision? March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month, and it’s a great reminder to take good care of […]

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