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Altace and/or Generic Equivalent Ramipril Prescription Information

Altace (Ramipril) is an angiotensin coverting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor and helps improve blood flow by relaxing blood vessels. It treats congestive heart failure and high blood pressure, and is used for patients who have recently had a heart attack. Decreasing hypertension will help prevent kidney issues, heart attacks and strokes. Altace is also effective treatment for people with high risk conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, to avoid heart attacks.

Altace Side Effects

Typical side effects include uncommon fatigue and weakness, sweating, dizziness, and blurred eyesight. Side effects will often improve as your body becomes more accustomed to the medication.

Precautions about Altace Prescriptions

It is important to note that you should not use Altace while pregnant as it can have serious, even fatal, effects on the fetus. Also, if you are diabetic, do not use Altace along with other medications that contain Aliskiren.

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