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Aripiprazole and/or Generic Equivalent Abilify Prescription Information

Aripiprazole is used for treating the symptoms of Schizophrenia. Although it is not quite clear how it works, it affects the chemicals in the brain. It is thought of as an Atypical Antipsychotic.

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How to Use Aripiprazole?

Those who wish to purchase Aripiprazole should ensure that they use the medication only as directed by the prescribing doctor. It is also important to read the instructions that come with the medication itself.

Aripiprazole is usually administered as an injection at the doctor's office but it is possible to order Aripiprazole for use at home. If the medication is to be self-administered, a home health care provider should visit the home to teach the patient how to inject the medication properly. If there are any questions at all then a doctor or health care provider must be consulted.

Aripiprazole should only be injected deep into the muscle. The medication should never be used intravenously or under the skin. If the fluid in the vial appears discolored, has particles or if the vial is damaged in any way then it should not be used.

It is important that all sharps, both new and used needles are kept well away from any area where children may be able to reach them. The needles should never be reused, and for anyone who is unsure, sharps disposal advice is available from the doctor.

Aripiprazole Side Effects

Although there are no major side effects reported it is important for anyone looking to buy Aripiprazole to report any changes to the doctor. Common side effects from medications can include dizziness, constipation, headache, lightheadedness, stomach upset, vomiting or weight gain. More serious side effects will need reporting to the doctor immediately. These can include the symptoms of an allergic reaction such as hives or a rash, swollen throat, tongue or difficulty breathing. Other serious side effects include chest pain, fainting, confusion, irregular heart beat or palpitations, involuntarily muscle movement, loss of co-ordination, panic attacks, seizures, anxiety or suicidal thoughts. While this is not a complete list, any cause for concern should be immediately reported.

Important Information about Aripiprazole

As Aripiprazole may cause the patient to become drowsy or light headed, it is important that driving or using heavy machinery is avoided until any potential adverse reactions are ruled out. Alcohol should be avoided and the doctor should be advised if the patient is using any kind of sleep aid, herbal or over the counter medication.

It is extremely important that patients taking Aripiprazole are aware that there is a slight possibly that the medication can cause NMS (Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome). The syndrome is potentially fatal and symptoms include fever, fast or irregular heartbeat, sweating, stiff muscles, abnormal thinking or confusion.

It is important to remain hydrated while taking this medication, especially in hot weather as there is a higher risk of heatstroke. The immune system may also become compromised and the body may not be able to fight off infection as well as usual. Those with diabetes should be aware that the medication can increase blood sugar, and Aripiprazole should never be taken by breast-feeding mothers.

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