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Atazanavir and/or Generic Equivalent Reyataz Prescription Information

AIDS is a health condition for which medical researchers have not yet found a cure. However, they have been able to develop a drug that might not be able to cure AIDS but can go a long way towards helping to provide patients with protection from the diseases and infections that usually surface once they are in the grip of the HIV virus. The generic name of the drug is atazanavir, and it has been found to be of immense benefit to AIDS patients.

How to take Atazanavir?

The dosage that a patient is supposed to take is at the sole discretion of the doctor that has been diagnosing the situation throughout who is aware of the medical history of the individual. This is important because there might be certain medicines that might react adversely with atazanavir. In such a situation the doctor must be aware of the full medical history of the patient. Having been recommended this drug, the patient should buy atazanavir and carry out their doctor's orders to the letter by taking only the prescribed dosage. The drug is meant for long-term relief to help protect against the harmful effects of AIDS, which is why the patient must continue with the course of medication even if he or she obtains immediate relief. Discontinuing the drug after obtaining only short-term relief might cause the HIV virus to flare up. It is therefore in the patient's best interests to follow the course religiously.

Atazanavir Side effects

Atazanavir is a drug that has not only reduced the suffering of AIDS patients but has also made it possible for them to lead a life that can be as close to a normal one as possible under the circumstances. The drug can trigger certain minor side effects such as headache and giddiness, although these are not known to last for long. However, if these symptoms do persist then the patient should be taken to their doctor who will be able to provide a solution.

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